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For over 20 years, I’ve been searching...searching for that perfect career, perfect home, perfect everything...you know, the thing that I was good at, meant to do, meant to be. We’ve all been there, right? Asking ourselves, “What is my purpose? What am I supposed to be doing with my life?” Although I enjoyed all the different avenues life took me down; photography, soap making, raising butterflies, graphic design, etc. (I could name so many more...but that would get kind of embarrassing. 😂😏) nothing EVER really fulfilled me.
In the middle of all this searching, Jesus spoke to me so very clearly...he talked to me tenderly about my need to be recognized by people, to feel important & validated. He spoke to me about the never ending & bottomless pit that we humans trod the depths of to find fulfillment in things that do not satisfy. He asked me to open the door to a new way of thinking & I accepted. I surrendered those broken parts of myself to him & slowly he transformed my heart & renewed my mind. He taught me to seek fulfillment & validation in only Him.
This difficult and painful work, that is ongoing, led me to freedom and that freedom that I found in Christ over time led to the birth of Brave Acre. A joint venture between God & I, partnering together to do something ordinarily extraordinary. God placed in me as a child the desire to be an entrepreneur and gifted me with His unlimited creativity. This, combined with all of the cumulative skills I’ve learned spanning my lifetime have led me here...to this place where I can freely and for the right reasons venture into the world of business and explore the depths of the creativity I was gifted.
I’ve learned about myself that I love people, I love the area that I live, I love community. I love creating, growing, nurturing & sharing those things with others. I love having my hands in the dirt and watching the miracle of a tiny bud unfurl into a magnificent flower.  I love the soft noises of chickens in the quiet morning and the warmth of baby goat snuggles. I love home. I'm quite content with a good book and a cup of coffee or tea. I love the smell of lavender so deeply & to this day watching bees and butterflies still fills me with awe and wonder.  I'm a teacher and a tender whisperer of truth. My heart has longed to one day turn the key every morning to my very own little shop somewhere in a nearby small town...where all of these things that I love can culminate. These have all been dreams of mine.
The seasons in my life are beginning to change. Up until now, I have been busy raising three of the most beautiful gifts God ever sent to earth. They are all growing up & becoming more self-sufficient and much more equipped to take on the world than I ever dreamed possible. I’ve spent years pouring into them, loving them, making mistakes, watching them grow in character, intelligence and ability.  The seasons are changing and moving us towards something different for our family and myself. 
It's been my dream for 10 years to create a working regenerative farm that connects emotionally with people and heals the land.  I believe in the power of small, beautiful family farms & I think they are one of the major keys to healing our land and our own hearts.  My goal is to inspire people to make the leap into homesteading and to be there step by step with them as they walk into freedom and fulfillment. 
I've decided to give myself to this pursuit. It will be part of my life's work.  I'm planting this farm where people can see it & I'm praying that those who hear the call to opt out of our world's unhealthy systems will find those of us who have already pioneered the path. We are but a lighthouse for others, a hopeful beacon that guides and directs to new and uncharted shores. 
If that resonates with you, welcome to our journey, thank you for the time you’ve spent reading this, and above all, welcome to Brave Acre. 

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  • Penny

    So happy you’ve found what “fills’” you. I’m excited to follow your journey!

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