The Farm Store

I'm not sure what to call this store, gift shop, bouquet barn...

I'm not quite sure what words encompass all that this tiny retail space is becoming.  It is a meeting place, a community gathering, a retail space of carefully curated items, a peaceful experience, a positive environment.  At least, these are the things I want it to be.

This 12x16 brick and mortar building is being turned into the retail shop of my dreams, slowly & surely.  My whole life I've dreamed of this place.  At first, I wanted my own shop in some tucked away little downtown nearby but quickly realized that I much preferred to work from home.  I assumed that this newfound realization about my character and nature had ruled out a little shop for me. Still, there was a longing for a "store."

When we moved to this home, there was an extra building all for me.  My husband got the large shop out back & I, for the first time had a space outside that I could call my own.  Months after we moved in, it dawned on me..."This is literally the brick and mortar store you've been dreaming of."  From that point on, I haven't been able to see it as anything else.  Not a "She-Shed", not just a storage building or a crafting corner...a little tiny retail store in my very own back yard.  

This place aligns with my values.  It keeps me close to home and the things that matter to me. It allows me to invite my community to our farm and allow them to experience the peace & beauty & positivity that we are creating here.  It brings commerce to our local area.  It brings joy to others and to me.  

The grand opening is November 7th.  I'll keep you posted!

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