Change is Inevitable...

The flower farm didn't work.  And truthfully, now that I take a step back...I'm not sure it was supposed to.  It was certainly a good idea...but maybe not the right one for me.  The failure of it all, knocked me to my knees.  It was a great plan but I've mourned its loss and moved on.  

I'm concentrating on what I CAN DO.  What part of Brave Acre can I bring into the world at this time? God led me to the Aromatherapy class I had been wanting to take for ten years. This helped me to decide to pivot my focus to what was supposed to be phase two of the farm...the Apothecary Shop.  I've been making soap and natural skincare for over 10 years now & I love it.  I'm passionate about it and I love sharing it with the world.  

After I cried all the tears, I went back out to the shop and removed the last of the items in the store.  I cried some more and then cleaned up & began re-creating the space into my workshop for making soap.  I used the last $500 I had to my name to buys supplies.  I prayed & committed my plans to the Lord & asked Him to help them succeed.  Now, I just stay consistent and work hard producing the best product I can.  And pray.  I'm gonna pray a lot.  

Brave Acre is still a great plan & I do believe one day I'll see it come together the way I envisioned it.  I think there will be a beautiful garden surrounded by native pollinator plants, a small cabin that hosts visitors for long weekends, a small shop with lovely, carefully curated items.  I can see community gatherings under the stars with live music and outdoor lights, reminiscent of barn dances.  I can see friends gathering for a class or workshop, eager to learn a new skill and visit with each other.  It's all here.  Brave Acre is a place of beauty, a place of inspiration, a place for education, a place to take a deep breath, a place for growth & healing, a place to make a change, and a place to live bravely enough to follow the calling of your heart.

I may be weary and admittedly a bit frustrated but I am still here and I am not going to give up on my dreams.   

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